All Variants

Alphonso Mango

The heavenly taste of Alphonso mangoes, king of fruits, in every scoop.


Loaded with the richness of Anjeer, the exotic fruit from mystic land of Persia.


World’s most premium dried fruit in every scoop of rich and creamy ice cream.

Basil Leaves




Tasty, creamy and smooth ice cream loaded with crispy crackle.


Goodness of chickoo in every scoop of creamy and delicious ice cream.

Choc. Madagascar


Choco Almond

Chocolate and almonds, two times the goodness.

Choco Walnut

A rich and creamy chocolate ice cream enriched with crunchy almonds.


Chunky bites loaded with the goodness of pure chocolate.

Coconut Almond Chips

The richness of badam and goodness of coconuts in every scoop.

Coffee Walnut

The magic of coffee mixed with the awesome taste of crunchy of walnuts.

Cookies and Cream

Every scoop loaded with world’s most loved Oreo cookies.

Dates N Honey

Exotically supreme taste with richness of Arabic dates and sweetness of honey.

Dry Fruits Overload

Richness of kaju, badams, pista and kishmish in
every scoop.

French Vanilla

No just extracts or essence, an ice cream loaded with pure vanilla.

Gajar Halwa

An ice cream loaded with a heavenly desi treat – gajar ka halwa.


The sweet and tangy taste of fresh gauvas in every bite.

Gulab Jamun

India’s most loved dessert in a creamier avatar.

Gulab Jamun Saffron


Indian divine treat loaded with a jam made from rose petals.


Every scoop is filled with the mesmerising aroma of fresh jackfruits.



Jaggery Almond

A true desi treat with sweet jaggery and rich almonds.

Kaju Kishmish

A true Indian treat loaded with rich cashews and soft raisins.

Kala Jamun

The healthy and tasty kala jamun blended goodness of pure milk.

Kesar Pista

A taste of Indian royalty, the exotic flavour of saffron and pistas.



India’s traditional ice cream, blended traditionally for the rich and creamy taste


Creamy goodness combined with the sweetness and richness of Litchis.


With rich Belgian Chocolate in every scoop.


Desi Vanilla ice cream, rich, creamy and loaded with goodness of pure milk.

Malai Burfi

India’s most loved sweetmeat in its creamiest and tastiest avatar.

Mixed Berries

A premium dessert laden with Californian cranberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Moong Dal Halwa


Motichoor Ladoo

A desi sweet you can never say no to, loaded with motichoor ladoo.

Musk Melon

Creamy ice cream laden with the magic of aroma and flavour of musk melons.

Nutella (Hazelnut)

Handpicked hazelnuts churned together with the goodness of pure milk.


A delight prepared from the juicy oranges from Nagpur.


An ice cream loaded with a mouth freshener, the best way to end a meal.

Peanut Butter


Pineapple Coconut

The perfect cocktail of two exotic fruits – pineapples and coconuts.



Red Curry

Roasted Almonds

Creamy, tasty and smooth ice cream with the richness of badaam.

Salted Caramelo

The unforgettable taste of caramel salt in every bite.

Sheer Khurma

The desi kheer laden with dry fruits, a dessert you can’t afford to miss.


Chunks of fresh sithphal (custard apple) in every scoop.


A winter special treat loaded with fresh and juicy strawberries.

Sugarless Roasted Almonds

Even the health conscious deserve a treat laden with roasted badams.

Tender Coconut

Fresh and light ice cream loaded with the sweetness of tender coconuts.


Til Gul

The incomparable taste of sesame seeds blended with jaggery.

Water Melon

Cool, refreshing, tasty and creamy ice cream loaded with watermelon.

Yummy Choco Chips

Melt in your mouth chocolate chips in every bite