NIC ke 9 Rang: #UpvasFriendly Navratri Delights!

October 13, 2023by Admin

With Navratri just around the corner, the festivity, joy, and anticipation is undeniable. But when the rhythm of dandiya slows down, and the luminous lamps flicker, there’s a hunger, a craving. One of the best ice cream brands in India, NIC Ice Cream, brings a playful solution to this with their delightful #UpvasFriendly flavors, where each shade signifies the sacred Navratri colours and the essence of fasting. 

What truly makes NIC Ice Creams flavors upvas friendly? During upvas, it’s customary to consume milk, fruits, and dry fruits. NIC brilliantly melds these essentials, giving you the purity of upvas in the delightful form of ice cream, all while maintaining the sanctity of your upvas. Each flavor, with its unique story, is crafted with love and tradition in mind.

As you journey through these nine days and nights, find solace in the fact that even in your devotion, there’s room for playful indulgence. NIC ensures your fasting days are filled with flavors, vibrancy, and joy. So, twirl your lehenga, play your dandia, and when the festivities tire you out, #PickYourNIC flavor to rejuvenate. Let’s embark on this delicious journey together.

Day 1: Orange – NIC Alphonso Mango Ice Cream #UpvasFriendly: The vibrant orange is symbolic of energy and happiness, making it perfect for kickstarting the Navratri festivities. Experience summer all through the year with NIC Alphonso Mango flavor. Ratnagiri’s prized mangoes, revered as the “King of Fruits”, are transformed into a creamy delight. With genuine mango chunks adding texture and taste, every bite feels like biting into a fresh Alphonso.

Day 2: White – NIC Tender Coconut Ice Cream #UpvasFriendly: White represents peace and purity, aligning perfectly with the serene essence of this flavor. Imagine walking alongside a tranquil beach, the air filled with the aroma of coconut groves. NIC captures this serenity in their Tender Coconut Ice Cream. The creamy base intertwined with real tender coconut pieces ensures a tropical adventure in every mouthful.

Day 3: Red – NIC Strawberry Ice Cream #UpvasFriendly: Red, the color of power and passion, perfectly embodies the robustness of this flavor. This flavor is a heartwarming embrace in cold weather. Imagine lush fields of strawberries; their freshness captured at the peak of ripeness. NIC ensures you taste the season’s best, coupled with a velvety ice cream base that melts in your mouth, leaving behind a delightful winter trace.

Day 4: Royal Blue – NIC Dry Fruit Overload Ice Cream #UpvasFriendly: Royal blue is a symbol of richness and tranquility, mirroring the opulence of this ice cream. Think of a royal feast in ancient courts, where the choicest dry fruits were presented. NIC offers this regality with their Dry Fruit Overload, combining roasted almonds, cashews, pistachios, and juicy raisins in a dance of flavors and textures.

Day 5: Yellow – NIC Kesar Pista Ice Cream #UpvasFriendly: Yellow, representing brightness and joy, perfectly complements the saffron hue of this ice cream. NIC ice creams masterful creation exudes luxury, taking you on a journey through India’s royal kitchens, where such a blend would be a dessert of choice.

Day 6: Green – NIC Sitaphal Ice Cream #UpvasFriendly: The calming green represents life and happiness, mirroring the refreshing taste of sitaphal. NIC’s Sitaphal Ice Cream is creamy, with the innate sweetness and texture of sun-kissed sitaphal, making every scoop a celebration of life. It’s like scooping directly from a freshly plucked sitaphal, with the creaminess of ice cream enhancing its rich taste.

Day 7: Grey – NIC Cookies & Cream Ice Cream #FlavoroftheDay: Grey, a symbol of the mystery and the fusion of black and white, aptly describes the melding of cookies and cream in this flavor. Dive into a world where the crispy, cocoa-rich goodness of Oreo cookies meets the silken touch of ice cream, promising a contrasting delight.

Day 8: Purple – NIC Mixed Berries Ice Cream #UpvasFriendly: Purple stands for ambition and power, perfectly epitomizing the robust flavors of mixed berries. Experience a burst of tanginess from cranberries, sweetness from strawberries, and the mild tartness of blueberries, brought from California’s berry orchards and delivered to your doorstep.

Day 9: Peacock Green – NIC Paan Ice Cream #FlavoroftheDay: The exquisite peacock green is a symbol of sanctity, mirroring the traditional essence of this flavor. The traditional Indian palate cleanser is reimagined as a refreshing ice cream. The sharpness of betel leaves coupled with the sweet undertones of gulkand makes this flavor both refreshing and rich, a true testament to India’s diverse culinary legacy.

 This Navratri, celebrate the colors, celebrate devotion, and above all, celebrate the delightful dance of flavors that NIC brings to your plate. After all, Navratri isn’t just about tradition; it’s about joy, and what better way to joy than a scoop of your favorite NIC upvas friendly ice cream?

#PickYourNIC and have a vibrant, flavorful, and #UpvasFriendly Navratri with NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams!