Sunny Day Treats: Simple DIY Ice Cream Recipes You’ll Love

May 21, 2024by Admin

Does the summer heat have you longing for a creamy indulgence? Look no further than the Best Indian Ice Cream Brand – NIC Ice Creams! Their premium, artisanal flavors are perfect for whipping up easy, chilled summer snacks right at home. From fruity delights to decadent desserts, these cool and refreshing treats will satisfy your sweet tooth on even the hottest days.

Alphonso Mango Ice Cream Smoothie Bowl

Close your eyes and imagine a tropical paradise – you’re lounging in the warm sun, gentle breeze carrying the sweet scent of ripe mangoes. Now open your eyes to this smooth and velvety smoothie bowl bursting with those very flavors from NIC’s luscious Alphonso Mango ice cream. This fruity and fresh treat is as vibrant as a sunny day!

Start by grabbing those fragrant mangoes (pro tip: look for the ones with a sweet aroma) and dice up a cup’s worth, saving a few slices for garnish. Toss the mango chunks into the blender along with a ripe banana, creamy yogurt, and a couple of scoops of the velvety NIC Alphonso Mango Ice Cream. Blend until smooth and pour the thick, bright orange mixture into a bowl.

Now’s the fun part – load on your favorite toppings! Fresh berries, kiwi slices, those reserved mango pieces, a sprinkle of crunchy granola, toasted coconut flakes, and a drizzle of honey all make this a sun-kissed tropical dream. 

Tender Coconut Ice Cream Popsicles

When that summer heat has you melting, there’s nothing more refreshing than an icy-cool popsicle. And we’re not talking those neon-colored sugar bombs from childhood – these decadent Tender Coconut Popsicles are made using the lush, tropical NIC Tender Coconut Ice Cream for a treat that’s equal parts indulgent and thirst-quenching.

You’ll only need three simple ingredients: a can of rich, velvety coconut milk (go full-fat for maximum creaminess), a pint of NIC’s divine Tender Coconut ice cream, and a bright squeeze of fresh lime juice. Simply blend that luscious coconutty mixture until smooth and ultra-frosty, then pour it into your popsicle molds.

For an extra tropical punch, you could fold in some chopped fresh pineapple or mango before freezing. Or get creative by layering the coconut mixture with vibrant fruit purees like strawberry or passion fruit in the molds. Eye-catching colors and fun shapes are a surefire way to entice kids (and kids at heart) to cool down with these refreshingly exotic pops.

Who needs a pricey vacation when you can savor the tropics in each sublime bite?

Cookies & Cream Milkshake

Is there any flavor combination more nostalgic than the classic cookies and cream? Grab your blender and toss in a few big scoops of the NIC Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. For an extra cookies ‘n’ cream punch, you can even crumble in a couple of Oreo cookies too (but who’s counting?). Pour in a splash of cold milk until it reaches your desired thickness. 

Here’s where you can get creative – mix in some chocolate syrup for a chocolate cookies ‘n’ cream twist. Or blend in a dollop of peanut butter for a remix on the iconic peanut butter cup flavor. Feeling fancy? Add a shot of coffee or go for broke with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce. Once blended to epic thick and frosty perfection, pour that dreamy cookies and cream shake into a tall glass. Top it all off with whipped cream, sprinkles, a quintessential cherry on top – the works!

Chocochips Ice Cream Brownie Sundae

Sometimes you just need an over-the-top indulgent dessert. Well, let me introduce you to the Chocochips Ice Cream Brownie Sundae using the rich and decadent NIC Chocochips Ice Cream. Start by whipping up a batch of fudgy brownies. As they’re baking, the chocolatey aroma will have you drooling in anticipation. Once cooled, cut the brownies into squares.

Next, grab a couple scoops of NIC Chocochips ice cream packed with chunks of real chocolate. Let them soften just a tiny bit so they’re easily scoopable. Place one brownie square in a bowl and top with a big dollop of the chocolate chip-studded ice cream.

But don’t stop there! This is a full-on sundae after all. Drizzle on some hot fudge sauce and let it slowly melt over the ice cream. Add a shower of crushed Oreos or chocolate shavings. A cascade of whipped cream, sprinkles, a crispy wafer stick – go all out!

Each chilled spoonful delivers an utterly decadent mash-up of chilled summer delights and rich,baked indulgence. The stuff dessert legends are made of.

Whether you’re craving fruity and refreshing or decadently rich, NIC Ice Creams provide the perfect base for easy, creamy treats all summer long. Their premium quality and artisanal flavors elevate humble desserts into sunny day showstoppers. So don’t settle for basic ice cream from the freezer aisle. Get inspired by these simple yet sublime recipes and let your creative juices flow! The malleable magic of NIC Ice Creams begs to be swirled into milkshakes, blended into frosty pops, or piled high with toppings galore.

Invite some friends over, whip up a few of these homemade treats, and savor those sweet moments together. After one taste, you may just find your new signature dessert for backyard barbecues, picnics, or any sun-soaked occasion. Celebrate the flavors of summer with NIC!