NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream

Introducing the NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream, a delightful creation that captures the essence of this tropical treasure in every delectable scoop. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing aroma of ripe jackfruits with every indulgent bite. This extraordinary ice cream reimagines the subtle sweetness of jackfruit in a luxuriously creamy form, delivering an enchanting taste experience that's truly one-of-a-kind.
Savor the fusion of rich flavors and captivating textures as you delve into the creamy depths of NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream. Each velvety spoonful is a journey through the lusciousness of 100% pure milk transformed into a jackfruit symphony. Embark on a culinary adventure as you encounter chewy jackfruit chunks generously scattered throughout, adding a delightful contrast that elevates the entire experience.
Crafted with precision and passion, NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream masterfully encapsulates the essence of this exotic fruit, offering a harmonious marriage of taste and texture. Whether you're lounging on a sunny afternoon or seeking a moment of dessert indulgence after a savory meal, this jackfruit-infused treat promises to transport your taste buds to a world of pure delight. Discover a new realm of sensory ecstasy, where the alluring allure of jackfruit meets the velvety decadence of meticulously prepared ice cream.
  • 100 ML TUBS
  • 500 ML TUBS

The king of fruits in a 100 ml tub that’s to be savoured just by you. It doesn’t get better than this.

Bite into the king of fruits in a 500 ml tub. Give the family a sweet treat they will love.


Are the jackfruit chunks in NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream real fruit pieces?

Yes, they are! The chewy jackfruit chunks you encounter in NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream are made from real jackfruit pieces, carefully integrated to enhance the taste and texture of this unique dessert.

How do I store NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream at home?

To maintain the best quality, it is advised to store the NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream in a freezer at the suggested temperature. Always ensure the lid is tightly closed to prevent ice crystals from forming on the surface. Follow the storage instructions on the packaging for optimal results.

Can I order NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream online for home delivery?

Yes, you can order NIC Jackfruit Ice Cream for home delivery via various delivery platforms like Swiggy, Swiggy Instamart, Zomato, Amazon, Frogo, BlinkIt, Zepto, BigBasket and DotPe.

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