NIC Paan Ice Cream

Introducing NIC Paan Ice Cream, a delectable treat that combines the richness of pure milk with the vibrant flavours of betel leaves and gulkand. This extraordinary ice cream offers a sensory explosion that transcends the boundaries of conventional desserts. Crafted with care and precision, NIC Paan Ice Cream is not just a dessert; it's an indulgent journey for your taste buds.
Our NIC Paan Ice Cream is a harmonious blend of creamy goodness and the refreshing essence of paan. Loaded with the invigorating flavours of betel leaves and the sweet intensity of gulkand, each spoonful is a delightful revelation. This distinctive ice cream serves as an ideal palate cleanser, making it the perfect conclusion to any meal. Whether you've just enjoyed a spicy curry or a sumptuous feast, NIC Paan Ice Cream is the ultimate way to leave your taste buds tingling and your mouth feeling refreshed.
What sets NIC Paan Ice Cream apart is our commitment to quality. We use 100% pure milk sourced exclusively from Kolhapur, renowned for its pristine dairy produce. This ensures that every bite of NIC Paan Ice Cream is a testament to the premium ingredients that go into its creation. Indulge in this extraordinary fusion of flavours and treat yourself to an unforgettable dessert experience that lingers long after the last spoonful is savoured.


Does NIC Paan Ice Cream contain any artificial flavours or preservatives?

No, NIC Paan Ice Cream is crafted with real ingredients and does not contain artificial flavours or preservatives. We believe in offering a wholesome and authentic dessert experience.

What sizes does NIC Paan Ice Cream come in?

NIC Paan Ice Cream is available in 100ml and 500ml tubs to suit your preference and serving needs.

Does NIC Paan Ice Cream contain any tobacco or areca nuts like some traditional paan preparations?

No, NIC Paan Ice Cream is entirely free from tobacco or areca nuts, making it a safe and enjoyable dessert for all.

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