NIC Strawberry Ice Cream

Introducing NIC Strawberry Ice Cream – a winter indulgence that will tantalize your taste buds with its exquisite blend of flavors. Crafted to bring you the essence of the season, this special treat is a symphony of juicy strawberries and velvety ice cream, creating a delightful sensory experience.
Immerse yourself in the heartwarming essence of winter with each spoonful of NIC Strawberry Ice Cream. Loaded with juicy strawberries, this exquisite delight for mango encapsulates the essence of the season. As you take your first bite, the luscious strawberry notes unfold, harmonizing perfectly with the rich and creamy milk ice cream base. NIC Strawberry Ice Cream promises to transport you to a world of winter wonder with its delectable taste.
NIC Strawberry Ice Cream is the result of careful craftsmanship, where each strawberry is selected at the peak of its ripeness, ensuring that you experience the juiciest and most succulent bites. Enveloped in the luxurious embrace of our creamy milk ice cream, these berries create an irresistible contrast of textures and flavors. With every mouthwatering bite, you'll savor the juicy goodness and the delightful interplay of sweet and creamy notes. It's more than just an ice cream – it's a celebration of the season's finest offerings, handcrafted to bring you warmth, joy, and the pure bliss of indulgence.


Are real strawberries used in the NIC Strawberry Ice Cream?

Yes, we use handpicked, ripe strawberries to create the authentic flavor and juicy goodness that define NIC Strawberry Ice Cream. Each bite is a burst of real strawberry sweetness.

Does NIC use any artificial flavours or colours in their Strawberry Ice Cream?

At NIC Ice Cream, we’re all about keeping things real. We use only 100% pure milk sourced from Kolhapur and handpicked strawberries to craft our ice creams. Plus, there are no artificial flavors or chemical preservatives added into the mix. Just simple, delicious goodness.

How should I store the NIC Strawberry Ice Cream at home?

To maintain the best quality, keep NIC Strawberry Ice Cream stored in your freezer at the recommended temperature. Follow the storage instructions on the packaging for optimal results.

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