NIC Sugarless Alphonso Mango Ice Cream

NIC Sugarless Alphonso Mango Ice Cream is a sublime treat, capturing the essence of the revered "King of Fruits" in a guilt-free form. Sourced from the esteemed orchards of Ratnagiri, the birthplace of this renowned variety, this ice cream exudes the spirit of summertime in every creamy spoonful. Embedded within its velvety swirls, real mango chunks play a delightful game of taste and texture, whisking you away to the radiant orchards of Ratnagiri with each mouthful.
What differentiates NIC Sugarless Alphonso Mango Ice Cream from the rest is an uncompromising dedication to quality and authenticity. Harnessing the sweetness of mature and fragrant Alphonso mangoes, this creation ensures every bite radiates the distinctive flavor and rich aroma that makes this mango variety so beloved. The radiant amber hue of the ice cream pays homage to the brilliance of these mangoes, hinting at an equally mesmerizing taste journey.
Elevating dessert experiences, NIC Sugarless Alphonso Mango Ice Cream is a luscious tribute to tropical indulgence without the added sugars. Every sumptuous bite mirrors the sensation of sinking your teeth into a freshly plucked Alphonso mango. Whether nestled in a crisp waffle cone or elegantly presented in a refined bowl, this ice cream promises a sensorial delight with each taste.


How is NIC Sugarless Alphonso Mango Ice Cream sweetened if it doesn't have sugar?

NIC Sugarless Alphonso Mango Ice Cream is sweetened using oligofructose, an alternative sweetener, along with the inherent sweetness of mature Alphonso mangoes.

Does this ice cream contain any artificial flavours or colors?

No, NIC Ice Creams is committed to maintaining authenticity and quality. The vibrant hue and flavor come solely from the Alphonso mangoes used in its production.

Is NIC Sugarless Alphonso Mango Ice Cream suitable for diabetics?

While our ice cream is sugarless, it’s always best to consult with your healthcare professional or nutritionist before including any dessert in your diet.

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