NIC Thandai Ice Cream

Introducing NIC Thandai Ice Cream, a delightful rendition of the beloved Holi classic that's set to tantalize your taste buds like never before. This creamy indulgence is meticulously crafted using only the finest ingredients, and its rich, velvety texture is sure to transport you to a world of sheer dessert bliss.
What sets NIC Thandai Ice Cream apart is its exquisite blend of premium dry fruits, delivering an explosion of nutty flavours with every spoonful. These handpicked nuts infuse a satisfying crunch and an unparalleled depth of taste, making each bite a truly luxurious experience.
At the heart of this delectable treat lies the 100% pure milk, ensuring a velvety smoothness that's second to none. Whether you're savouring it on a scorching summer day or relishing it as a special treat during festive occasions, NIC Thandai Ice Cream promises a symphony of flavours that will leave you craving for more. Experience the magic of this unique fusion of tradition and innovation, where heritage meets modern indulgence. Embark on a taste journey with NIC Thandai Ice Cream and experience the taste of festivity in every scoop.


How should I store NIC Thandai Ice Cream to maintain its freshness?

To keep NIC Thandai Ice Cream at its best, store it in your freezer at recommended temperatures. Make sure to seal the container tightly after each use to prevent freezer burn and maintain its delicious flavour.

Can I enjoy NIC Thandai Ice Cream if I'm lactose intolerant?

NIC Thandai Ice Cream is made from 100% pure milk. So it may not be suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance.

Can I purchase NIC Thandai Ice Cream online?

Yes, NIC Thandai Ice Cream is available for purchase online on various delivery platforms like Swiggy, Swiggy Instamart, Zomato, Amazon, DotPe, Frogo, Zepto, BigBasket and BlinkIt.

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